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  • Last updated:2018-12-25
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I already sold my company, and I am no longer in charging, so why do you still ask me to report my company’s property status?


I found the whereabouts of the person who were reported on Chief Executive Reward Department of Justice Report Announcement during the awarding time, how should I report him? Do I receive the bounty?


I always work till late and cannot collect my letters, so my building administrator always signs and stamps the letter for me, does this count as a legal delivery?


How can enforcement staff be identified?


Should the taxes or fines be waived if a administrative remedy is sent to the transfer mechanism?


If the obligor need to apply installment payment, does the application must be done in person?


Would the obligor be restricted to exit when he/she owe taxes?If the obligor was be restricted to exit, how to release it?


The company of my own received execution order that requires the company to deduct my staff’s salary. Could I just neglect the order?


Can one make payments by credit card?


I’m a temporary employee and be paid not much. But I had been noticed that I have some tax not paid by Administrative Enforcement Branch. I think it must be a mistake, and maybe it’s not authentic. And I wonder how to know the truth?


I’ve received notice of owing license plate tax, but the obligor had died. He lent his identity card to others to apply license, but the borrower did not report the plate obsolete. How should this be handled?


What if I don’t have a job and cannot meet the installment requirements, what should I do?


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