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I found the whereabouts of the person who were reported on Chief Executive Reward Department of Justice Report Announcement during the awarding time, how should I report him? Do I receive the bounty?

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  • Last updated:2020-01-20
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1.You can send a paper report to Department of Justice Cases Review Group at Chief Executive branch, 7 floor, 51 Conning road third section, Neihu district, Taipei city, or call (02)2633-1266, or fax (02)2633-6127, or e-mail tpk01@mail.moj.gov.tw You should provide specific clues and your contact information (including real name, social security number, contact address, and phone numbers) 2.If you can provide specific clues during the awarding time, and the reported person is successfully arrested, then depending on the amount of the debts that the reported person owes and the difficulty of executing processes, you will receive between $30,000 NTD and $2,000 NTD as an award. However, if it is a specially difficult case, then you will receive at most $100,000 NTD.
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