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Enforcement for Telephone Manners for Department of Justice and Its Subordinating Agencies

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  • Last updated:2020-01-20
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Enforcement for Telephone Manners for Department of Justice and Its Subordinating Agencies

I.Purpose: to strengthen telephone manners of this department and its subordinating agencies, to better telephone conversation quality, forging a good image, the following are made.
II.Category: this department and all its employees in dialing and receiving telephones , and management of telephone service shall see to enforcement
III.Attitude of Dialing and Receiving:

1)All agencies should hold training for telephone manners for their employees in order to equip them with common sense, conversation skills, and cultivate patience, improving telephone manners.
2)All employees in charge should respond definitely to all inquiries, inform the caller in detail and accurately. Try to avoid misunderstanding or bad consequence because of indifference.
3)All the cases by telephone should be handled immediately; those which cannot be handled right away should be done as soon as possible, and try to accomplish at one time shot to avoid caller’s impatience or frequent calling.
4)Talking tone should be sincere, modest and use vulgar or easily comprehensible expression.
5)Do not disclose business secrets.

IV.Telephone manners:

1)Promptly respond to telephone; identify yourself and say hello, such as “How are you?” or “Good morning.”
2)In transferring a telephone, notice telephone manners; frequently say,” Good”, “Once moment, please”, or “I’m sorry. etc.
3)When asked for transferring, the assigned responder should respond by identifying your work unit and your name.
4)Talking tone should be to the point, clear, gentle; avoid being rude and keep your temper even if the caller loses his patience or temper.
5)Should questions asked be beyond your authority or if you cannot personally answer the questions, you should definitely tell the caller the reasons, or transfer to those familiar with the inquiries. Do not hang up or say,”I don’t know.”
6)When replying “no”, you should tell the other party where the difficulty lies.
7)When receiving a wrong number, please reply gently and courteously. Tell him/her to dial again after finding the correct number. Do not answer rudely, “You got wrong number.”, hanging up.
8)Should the person to be talked to be not in office, tell the caller whether he is on vacation or temporarily waved from his desk. And ask the caller if he wants to leave a message; do not reply by saying,”He is not here.” and hang up the telephone.
9)When receiving a telephone of condemning or criticism, do explain modestly, and apologize or say thanks. Do not argue with the caller.
10)Telephone conversation should be lively, witty and efficient.
11)At the end of the conversation, say, ”Thank you.”, “Good-bye”, “Please call again if it is still not clear.”, “I ‘d love to be of service for you.”

V. Manners of Operators:

1)All operators should not leave his/her position at random. As soon as the phone rings, answer immediately, identifying the name of the agency, such as” Dept of Justice, May I help you? Do not say,”Hello” or “Operator” only. If you delay in answering, tell the caller and apologize.
2)If the caller designates a specific person to talk to, answer,” All right, one moment please.” Do not be silent.
3)When the line is busy, ask the caller if he needs to be connected to another party.
4)When the line is busy and there is no other line to be connected, ask the caller if he’d like to wait. If he does, try to keep connecting him. If he doesn’t, apologize and disconnect.
5)If the caller does not know who to consult, please check and then connect, and say,”Let me connect you to the 00 unit. Please wait.”

V.Examination and Evaluation:

1)This dept and all its subordinating units should check and evaluate by occasionally testing if employees strictly follow the instructions to carry out the enforcement of telephone manners.
2)The following are the evaluation items of testing standard:

1.20% for the speed with which to respond, based on the number of phone ringing:
(1)20 points for 2 ringing (2) 15 points for 3 ringing (3) 10points for 4 ringing (4) 5 points for 5 or 5+ ringing
2.40% for telephone manners, based on modesty ,courtesy and mood with which to identify receiver’s unit, greeting, closing complimentary:
(1)Excellent: 31points to 40 points for those identifying receiver’s unit, greeting, closes complimentary with modesty, courtesy and mood.
(2)Good: 21 points to 30 points for those identifying receiver’s with modest mood and courtesy.
(3)Acceptable: 11 points to20 points for those identifying receiver’s unit with moderate courtesy and mood.
(4)Bad: 0 points for those without identifying receiver’s unit and responding without modesty and courtesy.
3.40% for the contents of response, based on whether the receiver is familiar’s with the business of the department, its subsidiary, and with relevant code, and whether his response is detailed.
(1)Excellent: 31 points to 40 points for those familiar with department’s business, answering in detail, patiently explaining regarding questions asked.
(2)Good: 21points to 30 points for those familiar with department’s business, fairly detailed response, and fairly satisfactory regarding questions asked.
(3)Acceptable: 11 points to20 points for those fairly familiarly with dept’s business, fairly detailed response, and questions answered fairly satisfactorily.
(4)Bad: 0 points for those not familiar with department’s business, and impatient in responding
3)Each examinee is to be evaluated as Excellent for winning 85 points and over; good for 70 to 84 points; Acceptable for 60 to 69 points; for those winning 59 and below is regarded as bad.
4)In examination, the same examiner is appointed at the same time so as to make judgment, disinterested and impartial.
5)The examination results must be submitted in 「The Forms of Telephone Manners」, and based on 「Occasional Examination Plans for Service Issued by the Executive Yuan」regarding regulations of 「Telephone Manners」; then the dept will compile Examination results for submission to the Executive Yuan, which shall be used it as basis for participating in 「Award for Best Service of the Executive Yuan」, and this dept will award or punish depending on the situation.

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