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01 The Joint Auction Held on the “First” “Tuesday” of Every month, Starting at “3” p.m. Amounted to NT$ 74. 62 million. 2024-07-16
02 Heat Frenzy before the Dragon Boat Festival Acquired More than NT$122.67 Million in Auction Amount for the National Treasury 2024-06-20
03 AEA and Highway Bureau Deepen Their Exchange in the Liaison Meeting to Jointly Promote the Electronic Official Document Referral and Achieve to Goals of Net-Zero 2024-05-24
04 Great Results from Joint Auction before Mother's Day The total amount made from the final bid reached around NT$76.41 Million 2024-05-21
05 46th issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on May 6, 2024 2024-05-21
06 Minister Tsai Visited the “Digital Innovation Seminar” of AEA in person 2024-05-17
07 The First Horizontal Interaction between the Administrative Enforcement Agency and the Insurance Bureau Innovative Cross-field Collaboration for Jointly Promoting Fair and Reasonable Enforcement of Rights in Life Insurance Contracts 2024-05-17
08 AEA Once Again Held the Seminar of Expert Consultation on the Enforcement of Life Insurance Contracts Innovative Mindset Attracting Professional Opinions with Public-Private Collaboration Optimizing Enforcement Standards 2024-05-17
09 Grand Auction for the Children’s and Ching Ming Days Acquiring More than NT$533.3 Million of Auction Amount for the National Treasury 2024-04-22
10 AEA Invited Experts from the MJIB to Talk about “Cognitive Warfare” 2024-04-08
11 45th issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on March 20, 2024 2024-04-03
12 Opening ceremony for “the 17th training class of enforcement officers” Minister Tsai encouraged trainees to cherish resources and do their best in their studies 2024-03-25
13 Great Start for the Year of the Dragon A Total of Over NT$125.24 Million Obtained from the Joint Auction of the AEA 2024-03-21
14 AEA on Livestream: From Caring and Convenience for the General Public to New Administrative Enforcement Concepts as “Digital Transformation” and “Environment Protection and Carbon Reduction” 2024-03-21
15 44th issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on February 20, 2024 2024-03-05
16 Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Promotion of Rule of Law AEA signed an internship cooperation agreement with Asia University 2024-03-05
17 Joint Auctions of AEA Reached Over NT$124,290,000 in Bids for the Celebration of the Year of the Dragon 2024-02-23
18 Great Achievement of the Fourth Wave of Operation for Enforcement of Cases of Driving Under the Influence Collecting Over NT$35.14 Million for National Treasury in Half a Month 2024-02-20
19 The Secret of Law Enforcement Using Technology Revealed by AEA Director-General and Director during the Livestream 2024-02-07
20 Minister Tsai Ching-Hsiang Presented the “Top of Enforcement” Honorary Medal at the 2023 Annal Symposium of the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice and Its Branches 2024-02-07
21 The Fourth Wave of Operation for Enforcement of Cases of Driving under the Influence Marking the Grand Enforcement as the Spring Festival is around the Corner 2024-01-25
22 43rd issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on January 15, 2024 2024-01-25
23 AEA’s First Seminar of Expert Consultation on Insurance Issues Jointly Establish a Warm and Resilient Enforcement Practice 2024-01-18
24 A Good Start for the New Year The joint auction on the “first” “Tuesday” of every month, starting at “3” p.m.” made NTD 162,420,000 for the Administrative Enforcement Agency 2024-01-17
25 AEA Towards the International Stages and Became a “Role Model for the World” with Praises from Foreign Scholars 2024-01-10
26 The Training of Professional Ensuring the Grasp of the Most Recent Trends: The 2023 Seminar on Filing of Objections and Enforcement Cases Held and Organized by AEA 2024-01-02
27 “International Conference on Administrative Enforcement Mechanism” Held by MOJ, OAC and NUK for the Expansion of International Academic Exchange and Outlook of Law Enforcement Using Technology 2024-01-02
28 41st issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on November 15, 2023 2024-01-02
29 The Last Joint Auction by AEA in 2023 Covered a Wide Range of Items from Land and Sea Reached a Total Auction Amount of NT$193,724,581 2023-12-20
30 An Astonishing NT$600 million from the Joint Auctions of AEA as the “Double 11” is Around the Corner, with a Luxury Yacht Auctioned at NT$29.09 million 2023-11-27
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