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Work Record on April 15th, 2020.

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In the third telephone courtesy test conducted by the Administrative and Executive Department of the Ministry of Justice in 2020, the tester of Chiayi Branch Office was Clerk Bai-Yi Li, with an excellent score of 98.

The advantage of the test results are "quick answer, self-introduction, greeting, detailed contents, and polite conclusion."

The near-full score is the highest score among the testers in every branch. The Director Lin of Chiayi Branch personally encouraged and affirmed the outstanding performance of Clerk Bai-Yi Li who won the honor for Chiayi Branch.

The Director Lin also reminded all the colleagues in the Chiayi Branch Office that the phone courtesy test would be conducted monthly.

If any colleagues, assistants and volunteers of the branch are tested, please be sure to report your job title and name first; keep paying attention to maintain the telephone etiquette and improve the business familiarity.

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