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Execution decree

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  • Last updated:2018-12-25
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I have received enforcement orders for detaining my stocks from Administrative Enforcement Department. It would make a deficit if the liquidizing process proceeds with current stock price. Is it possible to hold the process until the stock market getting better?


Administrative Enforcement Agency can obtain information about bank accounts of obligors in all kinds of financial institution. Why it cannot contact obligors by sending mails to their current residential address.


I didn’t register any corporation or lose personal identity card, but receive execution order from the agency. How should I handle this?


My one-third salary had been deducted due to a decree from the court. After that, I got another decree from you. How can I live with the rest of money which is my one-third salary?


After docking the salary by Enforcement Agency ,whether the obligator can apply for less salary to be deduction?


The Agency issued an execution decree to seizure my creditor right of my bank deposit. But, my Labor Insurance and National Insurance would be credited to that account. How to release the distress of my account?


I’ve received the execution decree from the agency. But, I’m not sure about the content. What should I do?


The person in charge of the company has changed. Is it the current head of the company whom is responsible when the company is getting trouble with delinquent taxes?


How does one determine if an enforcement notice is indeed from the administrative enforcement authority?


When does administrative enforcement commence? When does it end?


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